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Your number one playgroup for Kapiti & Levin regions

About Kids’ playgroups offer parents, educators and children a great social environment to explore and develop relationships with others.

Our local coordinator runs these group sessions to ensure there are opportunities for children to share experiences with one another and become involved in a variety of learning experiences.

Our playgroup programme is designed to support the children’s current interests as well as a time to support children develop skills and learning dispositions to support their lifelong learning journey.

Everyone is welcome, About Kids' educators or non- About Kids' educators.

FREE playgroup activities for all children

Everyone is welcome to come along and attend these FREE playgroup experiences. Bring your children along to interact with other children and get involved in a variety of educational learning and fun. You get to network with other parents too!

Waikanae plunket rooms
(Waikanae playgroup map)
Every Monday (except for school holidays). 9.15 -11.00am.

Recent playgroup activities...

High Tea at Playgroup - June 14

Pony Tales trip - May 2014

Easter Fun - 14th April 2014

Making Patterns - 24th March 2014

March 10th 2014

Monday 10th February

About Kids Christmas Party 2013

Lets get physical - Thursday 21st November

This month we have been focusing on physical development at our weekly playgroup. The children have visited the Kapiti Children’s gym, practiced catching, used balls in their art work and are learning to use the swing ball set. Today I joined Rebecca and her care kiddies at McLeans park. The children had a blast! They were very skilled on their balance bikes!! A visit to the bmx track may be next?

Monday 14th October

Recently we have been focusing on patterns at playgroup. Today the children had a wonderful time making patterns on their peg boards!!

Oral Health Playgroup - 16.9.13

Today at playgroup everything we did supported Oral Health month. The children made an art collage using pictures of children brushing and caring for their teeth. We shared a group story and also got to look at some wisdom teeth!!

Playgroup Monday 16th July

This month we have been focusing on literacy. Today the children worked together to complete this alphabet puzzle. We especially focused on the phonics.

It was great having a few older school children at this playgroup due to the school holidays as they supported and guided the younger children.

Playgroup 1st July 2013

Today the children made name plaques for their bedroom doors. The children did an excellent job of finding the letters of their names. For July we are going to focus on literacy!

Playgroup 17th June

Monday 30th July

Over the last month we have noticed that there are quite a few children who are interested in helping out and developing their independence. To support this the children having been helping to make morning tea at playgroup. Today the children did a wonderful job of helping make fairy bread. This month they have also made fruit kebabs and decorated biscuits.

Monday 5th March

Today the children decorated their own puzzle. They spent ages painting these and making them exactly how they wanted. The children were excited about taking these home and getting their parents or older siblings to try and do them.
Outside the children spent ages making creations in the sandpit. We had the hose out so some children made mud pies, others made houses with rivers around the outside and big mud pools for the diggers!!!!!

Monday 30th of Jan 2012

Today at playgroup we  did puff painting. The children decorated their picture and then we put them in  the microwave. They look super!!! There was also lots of water play, we managed to wash all the dolls!!!!

BLACK OUT PLAYGROUP- Monday 3rd October

What a great day we all had. We all came dressed in back and did a range of exciting black things. We had black messy play, black collage, black water play, face painting and had black food for morning tea. The children were all really proud of their 'All blacks' outfits and would come up and show me what they were wearing. Some parents were so creative and painted their childs clothes!!!! Thanks everyone for getting in behind this day, it was lots of fun!!!! Reminder that next week we have our farm visit!!! See you all there.

Monday 26th of September

Today at playgroup the children got creative and made Flags for the world cup. They spent time cutting out stars and silver ferns to decorate their flags. Over the last few weeks cutting as been a growing interest so today we brought along flax for the children to cut. They spent ages doing this and cut them into hundreds of little pieces. We also had a rugby counting game that the older children enjoyed. Next week we are having a BLACK OUT day.....Everything will be black. Black paint, black play dough, black water play, black morning tea and face painting. Everyone is to come DRESSED IN BLACK!!!!!!

Waikanae Playgroup- September 19th

Today the children made some awesome collages. They have been enjoying using sand at the art table. The younger children are learning about the of gluing and sticking. There was also lots of cutting and drawing. The warm play dough was also popular and was made into lots of different things such as worms, pancakes and sausage rolls.

Manakau playgroup- Wednesday the 7th of September

29th August 2011

23rd May 2011

Today we had a great playgroup- finally the weather was nice and the children could play outside. The children all had an excellent morning playing in the sandpit, painting outside and lots of block building. A few of the older boys made some amazing castles- very complex and detailed.

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